DommeCraft: Verbal Domination Level 2 Class in Los Angeles - June 10, 2017

This class is part of the "Lifestyle Mistress: Dominating In The Bedroom" and The "Dominatrix Arts: Professional World Domination" study tracks presented by DommeCraft and instructed by BDSM Hall of Famer, Simone Justice.

It is a four hour event focused on how to skillfully, purposefully and effectively talk in the Dominant role.


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This is the second class in a series of three 4-hour Classes on what to say and how to skillfully, purposefully and effectively talk in the Dominant role. Each class builds on the previous one but can also be taken without taking the entire series.

Learn how to Dominate Verbally with calculated purpose to establish, maintain and control submission while crafting fantastic BDSM journeys. This series presents tried and true skills to verbally dominate and get the results you want, with just your voice.


Taught by Simone Justice, one of the world’s most respected, experienced and skilled professional Dominatrices. Recently she was listed in an article as one of Los Angeles' Best ProDommes. Simone began in Lifestyle personal BDSM play until training with the Legendary Mistress Sabrina Belladonna in the traditional way. Because she holds a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology and has experience in the field, she focuses on the Verbal and Psychological aspects of BDSM. She is happy and proud to pass down her knowledge in this course and add more Dommes to her Dominatrix Lineage.

Mistress Simone Justice has an unparalleled and proven track record of mentoring ProDommes to success. Her Protégés are currently some of the most well-respected and top Dommes in the world. She is now proud to share that several of her recent “Become A Dominatrix” DommeCraft students have already begun to work professionally after taking this course. Plus, she hears from her Lifestyle students that the course has greatly improved their personal play.


This course will bring together up to 8 Lifestyle and/or Pro Dommes, from intermediate to advanced, in a supportive environment of exploration and growth in Verbal Skills. All lessons will be tailored to meet the needs of the students with every class member receiving personal attention and feedback.

This second course in a series of 3 covers Intermediate Skills of Verbal Domination:

Level 2 Topics include:
  • The most important thing to say
  • Perfecting your Dominant voice
  • Improving Verbal Dominaton Engineering including Psychological Aspects
  • More Skills for What to Say, When, Why and How
  • Scene Specfic Words and Phrases
  • Sub Training Verbal Skills
  • Roleplay Verbal Skills
  • Practice and Feedback with Experienced Demo Models who can give useful feedback

Held at the luxurious and well-stocked dungeon, Chi Temple in Downtown Los Angeles, with access to professional level toys and equipment.

Use your voice as the way into your sub’s mind, heart, body and soul.

Registration = $200

A total of 8 slots are available and when class capacity is reached a waitlist will become available.

I am posting this training opportunity on behalf of Miss Simone Justice as a service to the community and claim no official affiliation to either Miss Simone, DommeCraft or this particular training opportunity. - Asp