I love NYC and I have been enjoying a wonderful summer here but that travel itch is back and I can't wait to get on a plane!

I'll be continuing to accept sessions in New York until and again after all of my travel. However, it is always best to book quickly to ensure I have the availability.

Now play close attention, this will be a bit of a whirlwind 3 weeks from September to October.

Philadelphia 9/20-23
NYC (Home) 9/24-26
Dallas 9/27-30
Houston 10/1-3
NoLa & DomCon 10/4-9
Austin 10/10-12

For all my stops deposits are required and advance bookings are encouraged, if not necessary. Along with sessions I also allow subs and slaves to take me out for dinners, drinks, shopping and/or coffee. Each stop will have it's own variations on these options so listen carefully for individual announcements.

Visit NYDominatrix.com to book your appt!

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