Pegged by a She-Beast


Earlier, I caught a lustful look in My slave's eyes, so I summons him into My rococo boudoir and stare at him with malice through the reflection of the gold mirror. He foolishly thought I'd let him fuck Me. But maybe if he's lucky, I just might, but not in the way he would have hoped for. Standing around in My French lingerie and leather lace up thigh high boots, I point My thick strap-on in his direction and order him to bend over. I fingerbang his tight mancunt as a bit of foreplay before I penetrate him with My strap-on showing him My animalistic mood. An undershot shows all the action as I repeatedly bone him like the man whore that he is. Pouncing on this weak specimen of a man, I start taking him from behind. Shot in the frame of My large baroque gold mirror, he is captured in it's reflection getting riveted with My strap on. I swivel and grind My she-cock into his arse making him feel rather vulnerable as I take him repeatedly. An undershot catches the penetration in detail as I slide My dick in and out of his mangina. As I plunge My strap on deeper and deeper, I then move into overdrive and fuck him like the She-Beast that I am.

Strict British Mistress in Paris. Heavy Rubber specialist.

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