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#2226 - 05/11/17 09:55 PM Mistress Eva Cruz – WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA!!!
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Over the last couple of years, I have gone to Las Vegas either during or at the end of AVN with friends including one of the Dommes that I have a non-exclusive personal service relationship with. This year, I planned it all the way back in November but one-by-one everyone else dropped out of the plan, ending with my Domme’s car blowing up the day before she was supposed to drive to the convention.

As much as this sucked when it happened, it turned out to be a HUGE break for me because otherwise I would have probably never met Mistress Eva Cruz. Mistress Eva Cruz is not just amazing at what she does within a session but from my interactions with her, she is also incredibly straight-forward, down to earth, funny and sweet as a person.

Of course, I had no idea of any of that when I decided that I still wanted to play when I was in Vegas after basically being abandoned by all my friends. Since my “Vegas Domme” (the one who I normally session with when I am visiting) was also out of town, I had to turn to the internet to find out who was available. Unfortunately, this was right after Backpage shut down their adult section so that search was a whole new world (there is actually a post here from the end of January about how I searched and identified the possible Dommes I could see).

Because so many Dommes were actually in town for AVN, I decided I wanted to roll the dice and see someone new who was visiting and Mistress Eva Cruz just stood out from the rest. She normally works out of Los Angeles but was visiting for the convention and taking sessions. My issue was that it was already Thursday, the convention ended Saturday (which was also the last day she was taking sessions) and I wasn’t getting there until that morning. So, since I had never seen her before and setting up first sessions is much more difficult, I was just hoping I wasn’t going to roll snake-eyes when I contacted her.

Having been put through the wringer by so many Dommes before first sessions, I was shocked at how easy she was to contact and work through her booking process. She was staying and sessioning at a condo that was relatively close to the strip with two other Dommes and a sub from LA who were also all there for the convention and she told me she needed to coordinate with them to make sure they were gone for our session. I told her that I had no problem with other people being in the condo while I was there as long as they were cool about it (which, of course, they were since they were also Pros visiting for AVN). Mistress Eva Cruz took that in, but still planned everything based on making sure they wouldn’t be.

We set the plan for Saturday with me confirming with her once I landed in Vegas since I was flying in that morning. So far, I was on a winning roll with Mistress Eva Cruz but its Vegas so you know your luck can always turn in a second. Plus, I know what a party Vegas can be for visiting Dommes in general, and especially for AVN, so plans tend to change (although not relevant here, but I expect that any video shoot I set up in Vegas during AVN is 50/50 at best if it is before 5pm because of the partying that goes on long into the night). Because of this knowledge, I told Mistress Eva Cruz that I had no set plans on Saturday beyond our session so she should feel free to move the time if she needed to.

Saturday comes and everything runs well on my end. My flight is on time and I text her that I have now landed in Vegas (which she replies positively to and sends me the address for the condo), I rent my car, pick up some supplies for my time in Vegas (including enemas to prepare my body for the session, just in case she decides to do any ass play) and check into the hotel. Mistress Eva Cruz then texts me and asks if it is ok if she takes me up on my offer to move the time, making it clear that she can still do it at the originally agreed upon time if I wish, but that it would just be less stressful for her if we delayed an hour because everyone was moving slower than anticipated in the condo. I readily agreed because 1) Less stress on a Domme is always a good thing before playing unless you are truly a masochist & 2) As usual, I was also running behind and stressed as hell about taking care of everything I wanted to before arriving.

I arrive at the Condo about five minutes early and wait until our appointment time to text, she then has me park in a specific spot assigned to the condo and come to the door. As soon as she opens the door, it’s like another jackpot. Mistress Eva Cruz is an amazingly beautiful Latina woman with long black hair, smooth caramel skin and these incredibly deep brown eyes that just made me melt as a man, let alone a sub. She is very open about her age in her ads but she absolutely looks ten years younger in person (I have to admit that since age doesn’t matter that much to me, I didn’t realize she was 41 until months later when I saw it in one of her ads and had to pick my jaw up off my junk… which for some reason always extends outwards when I think about Mistress Eva Cruz).

We say hello and she immediately instructs me to take off my shoes because they are not allowed in the condo. Since I was traveling from Detroit in January and I packed to avoid having to pay for baggage, I am actually wearing boots that have Velcro closures (so much easier to take off after being in the snow for an hour than trying to untie frozen knots). This sort of shocked and amused Mistress Eva Cruz. She immediately started in on the fun and humiliation asking if I had them because I didn’t know how to tie my own shoes. I fumbled through an explanation as I took each one off but standing back and seeing the amusement in her eyes had my pants straining before we really even got started.

Mistress Eva Cruz then placed a collar and leash on me before ordering me to get down on all fours and crawl up the stairs behind her then into one of the rooms that she had turned into a makeshift dungeon. Nothing special there, just a railed loft bed that was about five feet off the ground with a couch underneath and a couple of tables against the walls with toys and implements laid out. Mistress Eva Cruz sat down on the couch and we started to have that pre-session conversation you always have with a new Domme about likes, dislikes, limits, etc...

My approach is that other than my limits (and physical limitations), I turn complete control over to a Domme to do the things that she enjoys most rather than having a fetish or specific activity in mind. In addition, I have a terrible memory for lists and can never recall all of my limits and physical issues off of the top of my head. Because of this, I dread these conversations so I always send an email before a session with a limits, physical issues and a list of every major D/s activity categorized by how I feel about them. I then just ask the Domme to find where our interest interact and to do whatever she enjoys most (even if it is something I hate) since my goal is for her to have as much fun as possible playing with me.

In this case, the email didn’t go through so Mistress Eva Cruz hadn’t had a chance to read it. Luckily, I had posted that list against my FetLife profile a couple of months earlier so I grabbed my phone, hit the website and she read it with an evil smirk that sent a few chills down my spine while occasionally asking questions about one thing or another. Once she was satisfied with that, she handed my phone back to me and ordered me to go to the bathroom across the hall to strip and then crawl back to the dungeon room.

I did as I was told and then the fun really began. Mistress Eva Cruz began with having me worship her boots and legs while she provided some instructions. Specifically that her name was Mistress Eva Cruz rather than just “Mistress” or “Mistress Eva” and I was to always use her entire name. She also instructed me that “Eva” was pronounced with the “E” sounding like it does in the word “ever” rather than an “A” like you hear it said for the actress “Eva Mendes” (which is how I had been pronouncing it in my head).

She also instructed me not to speak unless I was spoken to (other than to convey distress) and that if I was asked a question, the answer should always be in the form of “Yes, Mistress Eva Cruz” or “No, Mistress Eva Cruz” rather than just a one word reply. Finally, if I needed to thank her for anything it would also be “Thank You Mistress Eva Cruz” rather than just “Thank you”. I took all of this in and vowed to myself to make sure to follow those instructions.

Mistress Eva Cruz tested me a little with a few questions to make sure I got it right and seemed to enjoy my worship as there was very little instruction or correction, but once she was satisfied she decided to move onto the next part of her plan. She had me stand up and then instructed me to bend over and put both my elbows and head on the couch as she stepped behind me. She then proceeded to warm my ass cheeks with her hand before moving to a flogger.

At this point, all of her dominance, instruction and enjoyment of me began to really penetrate into my brain and I began to drop towards subspace. I am pretty unique in how I react to this as my body begins to vibrate and shake (for most people you only see this at the end of a very sadistic session where the sub has been really pushed to their limit). It is something that I don’t have control over and don’t really know it is happening but I always warn Dommes about before playing because it is relatively unusual.

Of course, Mistress Eva Cruz notices this shaking and checks to make sure I am ok (rather than the greatest wimp in the history of the world) and I answer “Yes, Mistress Eva Cruz… What you are seeing is a sign of my being at the edge of subspace Mistress Eva Cruz”. She is delighted with this and moves into a more intense and stingy implement before deciding she wishes to change my position.

She has me stand up and place my hands on the railing of the loft bed, then uses some rope to bind my arms as spread out as she can. She then moves close behind me, pressing her body into mine a little as she begins to tease and play with my nipples. Once they have gotten hard, she brings out the nipple clamps and attaches them before stepping away for more corporal play. At this point, I am totally gone as I take whatever implement she chooses to hit me with.

Mistress Eva Cruz must have been enjoying my reactions because she tells me that it sounds like some of her roommates have returned and asks if it is ok if she brings them in to see her handiwork. I manage to say “Yes, Mistress Eva Cruz… whatever you wish Mistress Eva Cruz” (another weird thing about me, but definitely not as unique, is that I tend to lose the ability to speak as I get deep into subspace). She leaves me in the room for a few minutes and then returns with two women who she introduces as one of the Dommes and the sub who were staying in the condo (unfortunately, I can’t recall their names).

When they come in, I am completely naked with my legs spread out beyond shoulder width and my arms tied to the railing of the loft bed. My nipples are burning from the clamps and my ass is probably a very bright red as I shake in front of the three of them with my cock standing at complete attention in front of me. The Domme and sub position themselves at the side of the bed so that they are both in my eyeline if I look to the right and Mistress Eva Cruz taunts me a little with a few comments to the women and maybe a question or two to me.

They all discuss the shaking, the way she has me tied up, how red my ass has gotten from the spankings and what she should do with me next with that half-taunting, half-flirting Domme tone that we all know. During all of this, she emphasizes whatever they are talking about with her hands on my body. Pulling on the nipple clamps, pressing her fingers into my ass cheek to turn the flesh white to show off the red better, even giving me a few more smacks before the other women leave to get ready to go out.

Once they leave, Mistress Eva Cruz steps in and removes the clamps while laughing at the way I shudder and shake at the pain that courses through my body. She then takes a bandana and puts it over my eyes as a blindfold before she orders me onto my back on the ground with my arms and legs spread and my palms up. I soon feel the sharp heel of her shoe pressing against the middle of my right palm. She tests it a few times before putting what feels like her full weight on my palm, making my hand feel like a spike has been driven through it.

At this, I drop deep into subspace where I am both floating above the action seeming to watch this beautiful and amazing Domme standing on my hand with my body almost spasming and bouncing on the ground even though I am blindfolded, while at the same time being on the ground with all of the sensations flowing through me. Mistress Eva Cruz then orders me to control the shaking as she plans to climb on top of me (I do have the ability to control it when I focus on doing so) and I better not make her fall. I manage to choke out a “Yes Mistress Eva Cruz” and she begins.

Mistress Eva Cruz just glides over me as she moves onto my body and I feel the crushing weight wherever she steps. She starts at my right side, alternately pressing the sharp heels of her shoes onto my already very sore nipples. She then moves down and begins stepping on my crotch, pressing the tip and sole of her left shoe onto my balls as she measures my cock until she can press her heel directly onto that most sensitive spot just under the head. She plays with different pressures at times picking up her right leg and setting it down so I have her full weight pressing the sharp heel into the underside of my cock head which shoots exquisite pain through my body.

My focus during all of this is on staying disciplined and not reacting or moving as she tortures me. Apparently, I did well enough that she felt she could trust me and she removes her shoes before stepping directly onto my thighs. Mistress Eva Cruz then proceeds to move up my body, teasing my balls with her toes before again stepping on my cock with her full foot. She then moves onto my stomach and my chest with varying degrees of pressure before randomly moving up and down my body. Each step crushes down on a different part of me before she chooses the next place to bring that same torture.

Other than the extreme pressure on whatever body part she stepped on and the difficulty breathing that accompanies it when that pressure is on your stomach or chest, it is very difficult to describe the feeling to someone who has never been trampled. However, mentally it was just mind blowing and I wanted to beg her to remove the blindfold so I could see her towering above me like that, but no words could be formed in the state I was in.

Eventually, she stepped off of me (much to my disappointment rather than relief) and ordered me to get on my hands and knees. She then sat on my back and instructed me as to the proper height I should keep myself as well as the proper angle of my back. Once I was performing as her chair to her satisfaction, Mistress Eva Cruz began to talk out loud about what she wished to do next.

She asked if I had cleaned myself out properly before arriving and I answered “Yes, Mistress Eva Cruz” so she decided that it was time for me to be fucked properly by her. She warned me that I better be clean because she would absolutely stop as soon as she saw any brown on anything she put inside me. I replied, “Yes, Mistress Eva Cruz… Thank You Mistress Eva Cruz” and she stood up before grabbing me by the collar and leading me to the couch again.

She had me put my knees on the couch and bend over, then began to loosen me up in various ways. Again I started to shake and vibrate at the feeling of her fingers inside me before she pressed her strapon into me. The rest is a blur of pure pleasure that lasted only a few seconds or seven hours (since it was a two hour session and we did so much, I know it is somewhere between those two numbers… but, I honestly have no idea about how long this incredible experience lasted).

I admit to you that I have been taken like that too many times to count by many different Dommes, but Mistress Eva Cruz was by far… BY FAR… the best bottom fuck I have ever had. She is just amazing with a strapon but it isn’t just that. I was so deep and floaty that I can’t really recall everything about it, but I definitely remember her grabbing my hair at one point and pulling me back into her as she stroked; I remember her talking to me (I don’t remember what she said but it was incredibly sexy, so I assume it was something aggressive and dirty); I remember reciting a mantra of “Thank You Mistress Eva Cruz” over and over again as she fucked me; Finally, I remember just marveling at her skill and thinking how I definitely hit a jackpot when I picked her… in fact, the term “Winna Winna, Chicken Dinner” even popped into my head as I began to arch my back and stroke back into Mistress Eva Cruz’s cock like a complete whore.

Like all of the other activities, Mistress Eva Cruz eventually was satisfied with it and stopped but I have to admit that she felt so good pounding into me that I whimpered to myself when she did so. She left me in the room as a complete and utter mess of a man as she went across the hall to the bathroom to remove and clean the strapon. I was so deep in subspace that I literally couldn’t move from the spot I was on, but shaking and shuddering so hard that I could tell it from the couch banging against the wall.

Apparently, Mistress Eva Cruz either ran into the other Domme she was sharing the condo with when she was in the hall or went to get her because the two of them both came back into the room together. Mistress Eva Cruz introduced her as Mistress Veronica Vixen and must have told her about the shaking because before she said hello, Mistress Veronica said something like “OMG… that is incredible… I knew you weren’t making it up but I had no idea”.

The two of them talked back and forth and somewhere in there, Mistress Eva Cruz said I was like a human vibrator and I had a complete mindgasm. I have to admit that the thing that sucks about Pro/client versus lifestyle play is that I rarely get to feed my biggest fetish, which is women’s orgasms, since that is almost always off limits. Hearing her call me that made my mind go to fantasyland where I would be used to facilitate an orgasm for Mistress Eva Cruz (to be explicitly clear, this or anything like this did not occur… Mistress Eva Cruz doesn’t allow any type of sexual contact and does not get naked).

Finally, Mistress Veronica left and Mistress Eva Cruz decided what she wanted to do next. She ordered me to climb off the couch and down onto the floor, which I very clumsily did as I barely had any motor control at that point. During this process, she asked if I was ok with wax play since marks were on my hard limits list and after a few tries I managed to say “Yes, Mistress Eva Cruz” and I prepared myself for what was coming as I laid on my back on the carpet again.

Of course, the first bit of wax burned extremely hot on my still sensitive nipples, but I was so deep in subspace that it barely registered. I felt her paint my body over and over with the candle wax. Every once in a while Mistress Eva Cruz would make a comment about some pattern she made as she had her fun using me as her canvas. After she finished she then peeled off a lot of the wax, sometimes taking some hair with it but not much because the wax had been loosened so much from my shaking.

Mistress Eva Cruz then had me stand up and grab the railing of the loft bed again, this time using handcuffs to lock me in place. She told me that she was happy that I enjoyed electrical play because she had a great toy with her that she hadn’t gotten to use on anyone yet. It was a little pink stungun that fit perfectly in the palm of her hand. She went over to the wall where she had been charging it and pulled it out before walking in an incredibly threatening yet sexy way back towards me with it in her hand.

She asked if I had ever had one used on me before and I answered that I had and that I actually owned one that was very similar. This was enough to bring both a smile to her face and the diabolical device to my ass cheek. Mistress Eva Cruz then said she was disappointed that she hadn’t actually brought her violet wand or other electrical devices with her before zapping my ass again and making me groan with pain/pleasure at the sharp strike of the charge.

She did this over and over, enjoying my various reactions including the way I was white knuckling the rail and fighting not to jump or move as she prodded me with her little pink box of pain. At this point, Mistress Veronica knocked on the door to ask Mistress Eva Cruz something (I assume our time was actually up at that point) and Mistress Eva Cruz invited her back into the room to demonstrate her toy on me a few times.

She then unlocked me from the rail and ordered me to kneel in front of the couch where both of them took a seat, then ordered me to worship and massage their feet while they talked. Mostly they talked about their plans for the night with each other, completely ignoring me, but every once in a while either Mistress Eva Cruz or Mistress Veronica (who I actually recognized from her ad when I was searching for who to see) would taunt me with a comment in some small way.

Finally, Mistress Eva Cruz said they needed to start getting ready for that night’s activities and removed the collar before offering me the chance to shower. I took her up on that offer even though I had a hotel room a few miles away because I was still covered in wax droplets. I then dressed and came downstairs to where both Mistress Eva Cruz and Mistress Veronica were lounging on the couch. We all talked for a few minutes and then I profusely thanked both of them as I put on my shoes. Finally, Mistress Eva Cruz got up and gave me a hug before I floated out the door.

Everything in Vegas is always a gamble and seeing a Domme you have never seen before is definitely a game of chance in any city. However, on my way back to my hotel I have to admit that I actually did stop at a restaurant and had a chicken dinner with a huge smile on my face just to celebrate the amazing jackpot I hit when I rolled the dice on Mistress Eva Cruz. My advice if you ever get the same chance to session with Mistress Eva Cruz as I did… bet big because Mistress Eva Cruz is a sure thing.

Feel free to message me here or somewhere else:
Fetlife: Asp_X
Twitter: @_asp_x

Twitter: @DommeTravel (Tag me in travel updates or DM)

#2237 - 05/15/17 09:31 AM Re: Mistress Eva Cruz – WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA!!! [Re: AspX]
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Awesome review. I love your writing style and Mistress Eva Cruz sounds like a tremendous Domme! I completely with sending the list of limits/limitations ahead of time and think the approach of - "just do what you like and makes you have fun" is very cool. I will definitely have to try this- the session is always so much better when the domme has a good time. Thanks for this review. I am going to go back a read the rest of yours! - but I cant forget that I think others walking into/through the session- or even participating in the session is its own additional awesome and good humiliation!
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#2245 - 05/17/17 12:38 AM Re: Mistress Eva Cruz – WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA!!! [Re: AspX]
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After I have done a few satisfactory sessions with someone I will sometimes tell them, "Do whatever you like this time." I would never do that in a first session.

#2296 - 05/28/17 08:57 PM Re: Mistress Eva Cruz – WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA!!! [Re: AspX]
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i agree with you Thomas!
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#2742 - 11/28/17 04:23 PM Re: Mistress Eva Cruz – WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA!!! [Re: AspX]
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Wow, That sounds like the Domme I have been seeking for a very serious corporal session.


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