January, 2018 by THE FALCON
Review: Empress Ming
TER ID: 162782


I have been trying to see Empress Ming for several years now, but her schedule and mine did not coincide…until now. She is even hotter, and more beautiful, in person. After e-mails and text messages to set up the appointment, I proceeded into DC, where she coordinated meeting me in the lobby of her hotel and escorted me up to her room. She exudes strength and confidence as she sized me up. Once in her room, I laid the tribute on a table and gave her a personal gift that I thought she’d enjoy. I was her first appointment of the day, for reasons you will read about…

I have been dreaming about a full toilet training (FTT) session with Empress Ming. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten myself off fantasizing about her, but here she was, in the flesh, and it was finally my turn. I was a bit nervous, and she sensed this, and she seems expert at figuring out how to make one feel comfortable while she takes control…I knew I was in good hands and felt a nice warmth about her. She is smoking hot, with a beautiful face and smooth skin all over. She made me strip down and get on my knees and tell her about what I was looking for this session. I explained that I ‘ve been dreaming of FTT from her in a nurturing and sensual way as opposed to a humiliating way, and that I also wanted to worship her ass. She laid out the ground rules…I was to ask permission for pretty much everything, and there was to be no sticking of the tongue anywhere and no kissing of the pussy or butt hole directly. She got down to her bra and G-string and put nipple clamps on me which hurt a bit too much after a while and she was kind enough to remove them. She had me lay on my back and grabbed hold of my penis and balls and proceeded to put me into a ball crusher…I’ve never experienced it before and I must say it fell into that category of “hurting so good.” Every now and then she looked down upon me and spit in my mouth, She then had me turn over and caned me, slapped my butt, and then used light whips without leaving marks. After softening me up she had me lay on my back again and had me play with myself until I got hard and spit on my dick for lube, and eventually poured lube on me.

She directed me to perform ass worship and started queening me…I read her website to prepare on how she liked this and the Empress said I was doing a good job. Eventually it was time for the toilet training and she removed her G-string and squatted over me and started with a small sampling of her nectar which was delicious. That led to a little more and I gulped it all down with no problem. Next she was ready to feed me. After the queening and smelling of her ass and pussy (no kissing or licking) I could barely control the anticipation, then out came a small swirl of the most delicious human chocolate one could imagine…creamy, sweet, and not at all uncomfortable for me. She told me she eats a lot of fruit to make it sweet, and she ordered me to hold in my mouth for a while, then chew, then swallow. She followed up with more nectar and tightened the ball crusher (I can still feel it), and then had me start edging myself while she squatted over me, permitting me to enjoy the view and the aroma, while she prepared my next serving. I opened my mouth to receive her gift and this time it was more solid and I could tell it was partially digested vegetables…and it was my honor to complete that process. I held the gift in my mouth and then sucked on it and slowly chewed and swirled it all around so that I could enjoy the bouquet fully…it was heavenly, and then I swallowed. I begged for more, and because she said I was being a very good toilet, Empress rewarded me with one more serving for this, our first, encounter. As she squatted over me she removed the ball crusher, spit in and on me some more, grabbed my balls forcefully and instructed me to stroke myself to the edge of climax while she pooped in my mouth. As the creamy gift went on my nose, lips and into my mouth, I sucked it all in with one last stroke until I burst a load all over myself. She immediately dipped her finger in my cum and deposited it into my mouth in one final gesture to show me who’s in charge.

Aftercare was nice…I was offered a shower, and brought my own toilet articles to clean up. We talked for the remaining time and I found her to be very much the sort of woman I admire…strong, beautiful, seductive/vampy, open minded, well-traveled, sophisticated, interesting, possessing very good taste…and I felt that chemistry that one feels when they first get a crush…what man wouldn’t be attracted to her under these circumstances.

I’m hoping she comes back to the area more often and I’d love to spend more time with her. While I have only had a small number of BDSM experiences (all very enjoyable), I’d say Empress Ming is my favorite based upon her inner/outer beauty, and her understanding and adaptability to make our scene perfect for me…and by the way she tastes delicious.