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#2935 - 02/27/18 04:21 PM What do you mean you're leaving?
AspX Online   content

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I don't know if y'all realize this about me, but I somehow get myself in some relatively crazy situations. Last night happened to be another one of those.

I am on the road again and was supposed to meet one of my Dommes for a session today because I have been busy all weekend. When I happen to be in town, this particular Domme loves to take control of me in different ways but that hasn't been possible in this trip. That all changed last night when I finished early so I reached out to her to let her know.

Immediately, she ordered me to do enemas to clean myself out, take a shower and then to insert a plug for the rest of the time I am in town (I am currently still wearing it while writing this). Since I was actually not at my hotel at the time, I let her know this and asked is she had any other instructions.

Well... the entire plan changed right at that moment. She orders me to stop at Walmart (which she knew I was about to pass based on my text of where I was) and pick up the following three items: Two rolls of duct tape; 3 yards of some type of cloth (I being a dumbass read this as 3 feet) and a wall timer (like one you use to turn lights on or off at your house when you are out of town).

I pick up all of these items, although only a towel rather than a sheet and go back to my hotel. I do as ordered and let her know when I am finished, then she messages me that she is coming over tonight rather than meeting tomorrow. I wait in the room until she gets there and then go out to the parking lot to meet her.

Before playing she wants to do some shooting so we take her video camera and go on a walk with me following behind her focusing on her beautiful boots and even more beautiful butt. We get the footage she wants and then head back to the hotel to start. Once there she has me strip down to my socks and get down on all fours so she can play with me in multiple different ways, then decides its time to execute her plan.

She is a little upset because I screwed up with the towel, so she grabs the sheet from the hotel bed and says "I hope you don't end up having to pay for this" then has me stand before her in front of a mirror as she wraps my up in the sheet. Next comes the duct tape (luckily I got the standard kind rather than the threaded, which has a lot more glue and almost always leaves residue).

She slowly runs the duct tape around me, over and over, tightly mummifying me from shoulders to ankles with the tape so I cannot move any part of my body. The only place she didn't put tape was over my crotch. Between the bondage and her randomly stroking or brushing past me, I was rock hard during all of this.

Once completely mummified, she pushes me back on the side of the bed and spins me by my legs so I am laying normally on the bed (well other than being completely mummified and immobile in a sheet and two rolls of duct tape). She then slips a blindfold on me and climbs onto the head of the bed above me so that her legs wrap around the outside of me and my head is in between her thighs.

In this position, I am literally at her mercy and she takes out her Hitachi magic wand and starts taunting and teasing my crotch as I drop into subspace. The teasing and taunting goes on for a while until she decides she is done and gets off the bed. I hear her moving around doing different things including opening the blinds and turning off the lights in the room until finally she comes and removes the blindfold.

Smiling down at me she then says that she hopes that I am able to get out of this predicament before my first meeting of the day, which is only 3 1/2 hours away. She then grabs one of the room keys and tells me to text her when I get out so she doesn't have to make a trip back, but that she's probably not going to wake up before 2pm so I may just be found by the maid first anyways. Then, before I can even really react, she is gone.

So, now, here I am completely mummified in duct tape on the bed with the blinds wide open so that once the sun comes up it will be possible for people to see me in the room like this (although realistically they won't unless I manage to stand up to try to escape). Plus, I have a meeting at 7am (she was going off of my normal schedule which would be 6am), I am using one of the hotel bedsheets so I would have to explain that and definitely cannot rip my way out of it AND it is very possible that the maid will find me like this at 11am since I am supposed to be checking out today.

Let's just say that panic is setting in at this point. Now, some of you may be thinking that this is somewhat of a bluff and that she hasn't actually abandoned me in a predicament like this. In fact, with most Dommes I see, I would be thinking the same thing. But... there was no doubt in my mind that she was gone at this point and literally wasn't coming back until the afternoon at the earliest.

The worst part is that I was loving the mummification and didn't actually want to escape at that point. It was the first time I had been mummified with duct tape like that and it was much more restrictive than the wraps or sleep sacks that I have experienced in the past. But, I had no idea how long it would take, or even if I was going to be able to do it, so I wasn't going to wait to start.

Basically, I would work for a few minutes then just stop and relax so as not to overheat and to let my heart rate drop before starting to work at it again. Eventually, I was able to manage to free my bottom half by clearing the tape from my thighs and sliding my legs up and out. Then did something similar to the tape at the top, totally freeing myself after a couple of hours and before it would be a problem.

I have no idea what her original plan for the wall timer was because she didn't end up using it (I am sure I will find out at some future date), the duct tape didn't actually end up leaving any marks on the sheet, and I also have no idea what I would have done if I hadn't been able to escape by 11am and housekeeping came in because I was supposed to check out (although I actually don't know that she wouldn't have been back before then). However, it was just another amazing experience that I thought y'all would enjoy hearing about.

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#2939 - 02/28/18 06:46 PM Re: What do you mean you're leaving? [Re: AspX]
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I do love the way She thinks!
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#2940 - 03/01/18 02:15 AM Re: What do you mean you're leaving? [Re: Mistress Ayn]
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Mistress Ayn,

I can barely even imagine how much trouble I would be in if You and i ever met under the conditions that form my relationship with this particular Domme.

Although, considering some of the situations she has put me in over the years I can barely even imagine how much trouble I am in every time I tell her I am coming to town.


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